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Everything rises and falls on leadership

We provide leadership coaching and consulting to maximize executive influence.

  • Lead Organizational Change
  • Maximize Strengths, Minimize or Eliminate Time and Energy Drainers
  • Personal Growth, Learning, and Development
  • Leadership Lift (Growing Leaders Expand the Potential of the Organization)
  • Avoid Leadership Ruts, Stagnation, and Burn-Out
  • Mobilize the Team with Clarified Vision, Passion, and Values (Synergy)
  • Legacy Building

When a leader stops learning, he stops leading

We design personalized development plans for leaders that promote growth.

  • Eliminate self-limiting behaviors
  • Develop the ability to coach, mentor and lead teams
  • Develop the ability to have effective relationships
  • Create optimal performance and balance
  • Increase impact at home, work and community
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase versatility and effectiveness
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Increase the ability to communicate effectively

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work

We provide coaching and training for teams, creating synergistic alignment and success.

Team Development improves performance by replacing:

  • Fear with High Trust
  • Conflict with Constructive Dialogue/Debate
  • Compliance with Full-Buy-In and Commitment
  • Criticism and Defensiveness with Culture of Coaching and Feedback
  • Focus on Activity with Focusing on Results
  • Ego and Fragmentation with Camaraderie and Solidarity

Culture trumps strategy every day

We implement assessment, training and empowerment skills to create an engaging and winning culture.

When an organization’s culture is not aligned with the desired results and core ideology, a culture shift may be necessary. RCC designs programs that influence employee behavior, make improvements to the organization, refocus the company objectives, and achieve other specific organizational goals and results

  • Assess current culture
  • Alignment with preferred future
  • Action plan for culture shift throughout the organization

“Jim is an extraordinary person who takes investing in others as a top priority in his life. Jim represents the epitome of professionalism and his dedication to his clients is consistently commendable.  Jim’s insight as a leadership consultant and a coach enables his clients to create informed, positive, and effective steps towards their future goals. His coaching is masterful, collaborative, and highly effective.”

Mary Verstraete, CEO, Center for Coaching Excellence 

Our Process

Reklis Coaching and Consulting distinguishes itself through a unique process of engagement designed to craft a plan for the distinct mission of each client. Whether you design beautiful buildings or create inspiring music, bring health care to women and children or proclaim faith to your community, RCC joins your vision and accelerates your impact. Then we celebrate the difference you make in people’s lives.

View our process in detail here.


  • We listen to your unique vision and passion.
  • We investigate your current management culture.
  • We clarify your preferred future.


  • Discover new ideas and methods that stretch and strengthen your skills.
  • Develop and align goals that achieve your vision.


  • Co-create an action plan for transformational change.
  • Consulting for effective leadership.
  • Coaching to maximize performance.
  • Training to create sustainable change.

“Jim has been an amazing leadership coach for me as to what servant leadership is all about and how to make wonderful projects come together.”

Jeffrey Rachlin, principal in Orange County School System

“With years of leadership experience, Jim is insightful and thoughtful. He listens well and has a gift for mining potential in individuals and teams. I know that you’ll find Jim adding value to your life and your team.”

Kendrick Vinar , Senior Pastor, Grace Church

About Reklis Coaching And Consulting

Jim Reklis has a broad experience working with leaders for over 30 years. As a relational leader, Jim has a fascinating network of relationships in the US and abroad. His ability to develop and coach leaders produces effective results with leadership teams in businesses, churches, and non-profit boards.

Jim brings his own signature presence of values, passion, creativity, and discerning wisdom to any given moment with his clients. He founded RCC in 2015 with the passion to invest in leaders and their organizations to make a difference in the world.

RCC offers a team of consultants and coaches to serve client needs.


Experience and Competencies

  • Over 30 years of leadership experience
  • Leadership consultant, coach, and mentor to entrepreneurs, business leaders, churches and non profits
  • Conducts extensive leadership training and development in the US and Internationally
  • Associate trainer with John Maxwell’s Equip International
  • Professional Coaching Certification with CCE
  • Conference Speaker
  • Advisor and Board member of several non-profit organizations
  • DISC Assessment Certification
  • Strength Finders proficient

“Jim’s coaching has transformed me from being a manager to a leader. I have grown in my confidence in business dealings and negotiations. There has been a significant increase in my leadership skills, effectiveness, and productivity due to our business coaching and consulting.” 

Dr. Sheri Randall, Veterinarian-owner @ CPVC