Transitions happen! Even though the majority of us don’t like it, change is inevitable. In fact, transitions are part of the fabric of life and occur constantly. This may feed the “I like things the way they are” or “Stop the world and let me off” mantras many of us mutter.

As a kid I loved riding waves at the beach. (Actually, I still love riding waves.) We didn’t use boogie boards, we body surfed. Riding waves involves looking out for what is coming towards you, anticipating the energy of the wave swell, and then releasing yourself to its inert power. Miss any one of these and one of two things will happen; you go nowhere, or the force of the wave crushes you.

Transitions are like waves. If you get just in front of it and let yourself go with the energy of the wave, you will have an exciting ride that takes you far. If you do nothing you miss the opportunity to move forward or you experience a crushing effect on your status quo mentality.


What if you saw transitions as opportunities?


Transitions have the potential to produce significant growth and development because they activate new and diverse mental instincts with emotional energy. I’ve lived long enough that I accept transitions more easily and even instigate certain ones in order to move my self and circumstances forward. As I look back I recognize the times of greatest growth happened in the turbulent conditions of change. And from this distance I can appreciate the value created by the power of moving forward.


“You don’t have to love change to be successful,
but you need to be willing to accept it.”

John Maxwell


The nature of transitions is that change occurs in you and not simply in the circumstances of your life. Transitions offer an opportunity to become something better, stronger, richer, and brighter.  Here are three categories of transitions we all encounter.

Life Transitions are those experiences common for most people. Birthdays and getting older bring a natural order of change. Marriage embodies the bliss and friction of a life-long relationship. Having children is also a significant game changer with life-altering ramifications including sleep loss, your presence at school and sports events, need for more finances, and the joy of raising purpose filled humans.

Imposed Transitions are from outside forces that prompt change. Moving due to family, work, school, etc.  Being hired or fired; promoted or demoted. Then there are the 3D’s- Death, Divorce, and Disease. These are the transitions we would prefer to avoid.

Self-Imposed Transitions are internal forces that prompt you to change. Your inner voice says, “I need to…get a new job…move away from here…go back to school…break up with this person…marry this person…change a lifestyle habit, etc.”

A recent conversation is a perfect example of a self-imposed transition. I asked a friend to update me on his frustrations with work. He informed me he was prepared to resign on Monday. Then he shared how he came to instigate his own transition:

“The anesthesia drip of little perks has been nice but numbing. I’m ready for something new that lets me redefine the vision that I believe God has placed on me. To be a light, support my family in a new and more hands-on way and to be even more present in the life around me. In short, it’s time to wake up from this sleepwalking.”

This type of positive self-imposed transition can change your life and develop you in ways you never imagine. I applaud and champion people who say no to the status quo and choose to wake up and live with real possibilities to be authentic and present and make a difference.

You don’t have to quit your job to do this. But you do have to make a decision to change and pursue growth.

Coaching moment-

You are going to experience some transitions  that  will have the potential to set you up for greater success. Learn to ride the waves that are coming your way.

What transitions are you seeing as you look forward to  the rest of 2017?

What potential energy and power might you experience if you choose to cooperate with this change?

What will you need to release in order to enjoy the ride and go as far as possible?

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  1. Thanks Jim. I’ve been undergoing some transition that I’ve resisted. I’ve shared your post on my site as well. I appreciate the idea of the “potential energy and power” that can be released.

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