Our world is languishing from the lack of trust in leaders. Just as an earthquake shakes the land beneath our feet, events in 2017 uncovered deep fractures shaking the foundation of trust in leaders from every arena: government, business, media, and entertainment. There has been an immeasurable toll on both people and institutions resulting in an almost universal wobbly feeling. Research indicates that in 2017 only 18% of Americans trust the government to do what is right for them.

From a leadership perspective, it’s like the great stock market crash in the early 20thcentury. Except the currency at this time is trust, not dollars. If you lead or aspire to lead, let this awaken you to the immense need for authentic leadership in your sphere of power and influence.

David Horsager’s book, The Trust Edge, affirms that “trust, not money, is the currency of business and life”.  In today’s marketplace, the leaders who are rich in the resource of trust will have a competitive advantage over ones who remain self-serving and self-absorbed. David’s organization, The Trust Edge Leadership Institute, published the 2018 Trust Outlook, sharing data and solutions to building trust in life, work, and leadership.

Here are some highlights.

Making Trust Deposits

Appreciation and Value  

The #1 reason for leaving a job is lack of feeling appreciated. Inability to trust leadership is second. There is a strong connection between being valued and trust.

Competent Leadership and Character

Being a competent leader is #1 in building trust with employees. A strong work ethic and high moral character were strong seconds.  When the supervisor lacks leadership skills, the organization is losing trust from its base.

Personal/Leadership Development

75% of employees stated that ongoing development and investment of time with the leader made a significant deposit in employee satisfaction and longevity. Loyalty is higher when an organization demonstrates interest and care on a personal and professional level.


People thrive under leaders who keep their promises and practice transparency. The ability to take ownership for mistakes and to be relatable builds trust and teamwork.

Action steps to increase your “trust” fund with people:

  • Develop your leadership competency.
  • Prioritize your character and be authentic.
  • Invest in leaders around you, above you and, below you.
  • Demonstrate value and show appreciation.

Bottom line, people want to work for an organization with trustworthy leaders.

Where can you make significant deposits and build this trust fund?

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